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Located on the East Coast Road travelled by most visitors to and from the international airport in the south is the tiny fishing community of Praslin. The quiet small bay with its boats, nets and unhurried character has provided inspiration and subject matter for artists and photographers for decades. Much of Dennery is in Mabouya Valley which is made up of Derniere Riviere, Au Leon, Despinoze, Gadette, Grand Riviere, Grand Ravine, La Ressource, Richfond and other surrounding areas; and Frigate Island Nature Reserve is offshore a few kilometers to the south of the town.

The town of Dennery is located in the midst of a ruggedly beautiful section of Saint Lucia’s east coast. The modestly sheltered bay with a sizeable crag of an island in its center is port to a very productive fishing industry. Overlooks south of town provide a great view of it all. Just to the north of town is Fond d’Or Bay, a stretch of white sand beach framed by very scenic cliffs that can be seen from an overlook at the Fire Station located on the main road. Sault Falls is located a few miles inland from Dennery, it is a 20m high waterfall on the Dennery River also is the Frigate Island Nature Reserve. Operated by the St Lucia National Trust which is a breeding area for seabirds . There is a lovely estate called Mamiku Gardens which has rich history, currently a tourist attraction and features a low density development with land lots available for purchase.