New CIP Initiative

New CIP Initiative

The newly included Infrastructure Option offers the following projects available for contributing to the island’s development and improved footprint;

Specialist restaurants
Cruise ports and marinas
Agro-processing plants
Pharmaceutical production
Critical infrastructure such as ports, bridges, roads, and highways
Research institutions and facilities
Offshore universities
Housing and social development projects
Investment services

St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Options

For investors looking to pursue citizenship by investment in St. Lucia, they can now choose from the following;

Infrastructure Option:

$100,000 (single applicants); $150,000 (family of four)


$100,000 (single applicant); $150,000 (family of four)

Real Estate:

$200,000+ depending on number of dependents

Government Bonds:

$300,000 plus a flat administrative fee of $50,000 regardless of number of dependents

Enterprise Project:

$3,500,000 plus generate 3 permanent jobs

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