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Calabash Condos

2 beds | 2 baths | 1 half-bath | 0 sq ft
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About this Property:

From the conceptual phase, the developers first objective was to acquire property in the most desirable and best locations on island.
They spent the last 4 years researching the very best interior layouts and furnishings as well as various exterior architectural styles. With interpretation being minimalist, modern with clean lines and Caribbean textures – a fusion of concrete, metal soften by wood that results in a futuristic, spacious, sophisticated feel with a hint of tradition.

Located on just over 1/2 an acre on what must be one of the most desirable sites on the north-west cost of St. Lucia 12 units will be constructed. Building 1 will house 4 x 600 sq ft flats with 2 bedroom/ 2 en-suite baths, living/dinning, full kitchen, equipped with washer/dryer combo unit and a sea-view balcony for upper units or a side porch and backyard for the lower units.
Buildings 2 and 3 separated by an infinity edge pool, will comprise of 8 x 857 sq ft. two-floor condos with 2 bedroom/ 2 en-suite baths on the upper floor with living/dining, powder room, fully equipped kitchen, washer/dryer combo unit on the lower level and unobstructed breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea for all units from the back porch and master bedroom balcony.
Perched just past the Choc Hill, this property is at the heart of everything a persons needs for everyday living. In addition to sitting on the Ridge overlooking the beautiful, blue Caribbean Sea, within literally 5 mins in either direction homeowners can access: public transportation, gas station, gym and sports facilities, golf course, church, pharmacy, supermarkets, cinemas, restaurants and the island’s best shopping malls.

TAX INCENTIVES include 100% waiver on stamp duty, alien landing license and property tax ending 2020.

Affordable Luxury now becomes a reality!