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Palmiste Cove

Welcome to Palmiste Cove Development where the design and build concept of custom homes cater to the needs and desires of families and individuals. The process has been simplified so that one doesn't have to work with a separate home ...

Seabreeze Villa

Sea Breeze Villa was built in 2010 on a beautifully landscaped plot overlooking the ocean, of approximately 40,443 sq. ft., in the north of the island, with Martinique in the distance The property is approached via a circular driveway to ...

City Border

This property sits on the outskirts of the business City Center of Castries. Originally a family residence it was converted into office space which yielded considerable income. The location has merged residential into commercial slowly over the years ...
The north of the island is becoming a second capital with the bustling traffic of developments, housing, touristic and commercial interests and properties. This four self contained one bedroom apartment bungalow is just feet away from the main Gros ...
Nothing beats residing in a brand new property outfitted with all the comforts to ensure a relaxing and tranquil retreat. This two bed two and half bath bungalow has an open plan layout which captures the natural light and constant ...

Seaside Villa

The Seaside Villa is nestled into the stunning waterfront coastline of the exclusive residential area of Cap Estate in the northern tip of the island that overlooks the Caribbean Sea, Pigeon Point and Martinique. The private one storey home is ...
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