Things to consider when viewing properties you’re thinking of renting

How much is the rent?
Will you have to pay a deposit (deposit equals first months rent)?
Can you afford it?
Are there any utilities included in the rental rate?

Are pets allowed?

Location and transport
How far is it to your place of work/study?
How far is it from family and friends?
Are there useful shops close by?
How far away is the nearest supermarket?
How about other amenities, schools or gyms?
Is the property near a bus route?
Is there enough parking? Is parking safe?
Are there good nurseries/schools nearby?
Is the area well lit?
Will you feel safe coiming home at night?

General condition of the property
Is it big enough for you and your household?
Is the property big enough for your furniture?
Are there signs of dampness/condensation, such as mould on the walls or carpets?
Where is the meter?
Do all the lights work?
Is there hot and cold running water?

Furniture and fittings
What (if any) furniture is provided?
What condition is the furniture in?
Is there enough storage space?
Is there a washing machine?
Are any kitchen utensils and pans supplied?
Are all the available appliances operable?

Is the wiring safe? Look out for any fittings, plugs, etc, are loose from the wall.
Are the electrical appliances safe?
How secure are locks on doors/windows?

Outside space
Are there any communal areas?
Is there a back yard or garden?
If so, who is responsible for it?
Are the outside areas secure?
Who else has access to outside areas?

The landlord
Do they live onsite?
How often would they feel the need to schedule visits to the property if occupied by tenants?

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