Anse La Raye

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The bay and adjacent waters were reported to have been teeming with fish in earlier times. The village got its name from the large number of flat-bodied skate fish which were easily seen lying on the bottom in the crystal clear shallows along the beach. The west coast fishing village of Anse La Raye has worked hard over the past several years at becoming an attraction for visitors both as a scenic stop for passing taxis and buses and for their Seafood Friday Night street party. When in Anse La Raye, take a little time to stroll the area within a few blocks of the waterfront to enjoy some of the simple yet interesting Caribbean architecture and small village shops that have changed little for decades. The local Catholic church was built in 1907 with murals painted by the St Omer Family depicting scenes of our cultural past. Nearby are the Anse la Raye waterfalls and the River Rock waterfalls both which flow into the sea. In the past decade the area has grown dramatically as a suburban community with scores of beautiful homes rising everywhere on the surrounding cool ridges from which it is an easy commute to Castries for work.

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